What Blackjack Etiquette Exists?

Like all casino games, Blackjack has a certain etiquette attached to it. So if you’ve never played Blackjack before, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start. While breaking blackjack etiquette won’t get you kicked out of the casino, it certainly will make you unpopular with administrators and players alike.

First of all, make sure your intentions are clear to the dealer. If you want to ask for a card, you can always say, “card” or “give me one”, although you can also do it by hitting the table behind your cards. So remember not to touch the table while you’re thinking, or the dealer will give you a card you don’t want. If you don’t want another card, i.e. you want to stand, just move your hand over the cards to indicate that you are satisfied with what you have. Or you can say something between the lines like “I stand up” or “no more”, whichever you prefer. If you want to double down, you must still announce it, or you must put an equal amount of chips next to your original bet. The dealer will know what your intentions are most of the time, simply because many times you won’t be able to split cards when you want to double down. But nevertheless,

The most important thing is to make it clear what your intentions are, because in this way the game will keep its rhythm and problems due to involuntary errors will be avoided.

Then you should never, ever, ever touch your cards. Casinos don’t like this. It’s common sense. You could be doing something like marking cards or even sleight of hand if you’re really brilliant at it. Just keep your hands on the table and away from the cards and everyone will be happy. Besides, why would you want to touch your cards, anyway? Leave that to the dealer, mate!

The third thing to keep in mind about general etiquette is to ask if you can “play behind” someone. If the box is full and you want to play someone else’s hand, ask if they mind if you play behind. Many people won’t mind, but some people may be a little wary of other people playing with their money. Also, if you play behind someone, never try to influence their decision. It’s NOT your hand, it’s his hand, you’re just betting he’s going to win. Also, if they make a good game and you win a few bucks, remember to thank them! I’m not saying you money them per se, you can just bridge the gap and say “Thank you.”

Fourth, never criticize anyone at the table for standing or asking for more cards, doubling down or splitting. It’s your money, you can do with it what you want. If you want to hit another card at 18, you can. Yes, it will most likely cost you your hand, but this is part of playing in a real casino. Also, if someone criticizes your game, let it go. You will know what you are doing, while they may not have a clue. The number of times I’ve heard someone say: “! are you going to stand with 13!? It’s endless. But I never pay attention. I just collect my winnings and let them double down at the wrong times.

Perhaps the most obvious is when you are trying to count cards. Make it not so. Don’t tell anyone you’re doing it, and don’t make it obvious when taking notes, or if you’re trying to recreate the movie “21” don’t make any obvious signs. Of course, I’m not suggesting you do it, but I know you’ve seen the movie and want to give it a try. Just don’t let them catch you!

There are other little things such as keeping drinks off the table if you decide to quench your thirst. No one is more unpopular than the guy who spills his beer on the cards. It’s a quick way to end your night. If the boss of the table doesn’t kick you out, surely the players will. Something obvious but that can go unnoticed is that you must make sure you do not smell anything. This is elementary stuff, but not since you can be sitting back to back with two other people, there is nothing worse than someone with questionable hygiene. Of course, I know everyone reading this is a clean person with good personal hygiene, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

You already have it. What I will say now is that the first four things are the most important. Since it’s a game and everyone at the table is playing, everyone needs to be able to have fun and keep things flowing normally.

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