Saturday, September 18

Choose Peace if You are New and Want Some Practice

To assemble a wood hatchet, you will require 5 wood. You can get them by felling a tree utilizing your hands. Go close to a tree and tap the sword symbol. Your symbol will utilize his hands to break it. It looks difficult and you will lose some HP at the same time, yet don’t stress. You will recapture HP naturally. Continue to tap until the tree falls. Presently tap the glimmering hand symbol to get items. You will get the necessary wood logs and some more things, for example, natural products, straw and so on

tap the assault button (sword symbol) on numerous occasions until the chicken’s wellbeing bar on the highest point of the screen hits zero. The chicken may flee from you and you should follow her and continue to hit the assault button until she bites the dust. At the point when you execute her, tap the hand symbol to assemble crude chicken.

Presently move towards your pit fire. Tap the hand symbol to cooperate with it and afterward tap “Make”. On the rundown of food things, check the number under it. The number shows that the food thing is fit to be readied. In the event that you have pursued a chicken and gathered, at that point a number will be appeared under the chicken leg symbol (bar-b-que Drumstick). Tap it and afterward tap “Make”. Presently go to your rucksack and tap the chicken leg to eat it. You can likewise tap the chicken on the easy routes bar to eat it rapidly.

Alongside chicken, you can chase pigs, turtles and ponies for their meat. Turtles assault, so be cautious. You should continue to assault it until it passes on. Alongside chickens, pigs are likewise accessible in huge numbers. To cook meat from these creatures, go close to a pit fire, tap the open air fire symbol and afterward tap the food thing symbol appeared by a number under it.

When you paralyze him, continue taking care of him carrots by tapping a carrot on the alternate route bar. You will require heaps of carrots to take care of a pony until he gets amicable. You should discover carrot plants to get them. You may require an alternate food thing on the off chance that you are catching a battle pet. The food’s symbol is appeared over a paralyzed pet.

To get water, you can take water from a lake or stream. Food: Can be gotten by investigating the region and searching for berries. You can move toward the shrubberies and tap the ‘hand’ symbol to pick berries. All things that you have taken have been saved in Stock. In the event that you need better food, at that point you need to chase chickens, pigs, etc. You can broil the meat utilizing the pit fire you made. Wellbeing: By burning-through food sources, for example, blueberries, and cooked meat can reestablish wellbeing. You can likewise utilize a wizardry wand to reestablish HP.

Capacity can store certain things. Construct storage spaces and store things there. Make certain to put it close to the reference point entrance or camping cot, since you may not recall the specific area. You can follow hiking beds on the scaled down guide.

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